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آموزش زبان فرانسه
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+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در شنبه 26 اسفند1391 و ساعت 14:11 |

Once in a while

everyone needs

to know that they

are wanted

that they are loved

I just wanted

to tell you

that if you

ever feel this need

I would like

to be the one

to reassure you

that you are wanted

that you are important

and that I love you

Suzan Polis Schutz

+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در چهارشنبه 19 اردیبهشت1386 و ساعت 9:7 |
همه اشعار عاشقانه انگلیسی رو که تا حال تو وبلاگ گذاشتم از کتاب ستاره ات را دریاب نوشته سوزان پولیس شوتز ترجمه خانم شهلا انسانی برداشتم برای دیدن ترجمه هاش برین کتاب رو بخرین


نظر بدین

+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در سه شنبه 28 فروردین1386 و ساعت 10:42 |

Whenever I make

an important decision

I try to discuss it with you

Whenever I have a difficult day

I seem to forget about it

   by spending time with you

Whenever I have doubts about

   what I am doing

I can always depend on encouragement

    from you

Whenever something special happens

    to me

your happy reaction makes it

    that much better

Whenever I have new dreams

I can depend on support from you

Whenever I find myself chasing after

    the wrong things

a hug from you sets me on the right course

because I realize that the most important

thing in life

is your love

and I am so fortunate to have you

I thank you

and I love you


Suzan Polis Schutz


+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در سه شنبه 28 فروردین1386 و ساعت 8:14 |

Tomorrow might seem

as if it will never come

when your difficulties

continue to absorb

all of your efforts

But there is hope

that a better tomorrow is near

there is strength within you

that will help you bear

all the burdens of today

+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در پنجشنبه 23 فروردین1386 و ساعت 9:0 |

Look within

And listen to your heart

Tou can do it.

You can reach that goal.

You can make that new reality

   instead of accepting things

       the way they used to be.


You can do it .

All of your highest hopes are

      with you

Nothing will hold you back but

       your own fears.

+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در دوشنبه 20 فروردین1386 و ساعت 7:36 |

Sometimes you give

and I take

and sometimes I give

and you take

We are learning to go

beyond the realm of

our own selves

We are learning

to share

We are learning to love


+ نوشته شده توسط saeed در یکشنبه 12 فروردین1386 و ساعت 9:28 |